Finance or Lease? Which works best for refrigerated vehicles?

It is incredibly difficult to buy a vehicle nowadays. That’s because automobile prices have risen consistently over the past few years. You have no other option but to finance a loan or go for a lease to purchase something decent.

The two terms are commonly used, but not many people know what they mean. Is a loan or a lease better for you? Should you prefer either option if you intend to buy a refrigerated vehicle?

To find out, let’s get into the details.


In a lease agreement, you rent the vehicle while it is in someone else’s name. In essence, the person you are renting from owns the vehicle, and you pay them a monthly stipend. Once the lease period ends, you must return the vehicle and pay for any damages that might have occurred during that time.

In some lease agreements, you can pay a specified amount by the end of the period to buy the vehicle and transfer ownership.


Loan financing is a simple concept. If you want to purchase a refrigerated vehicle, you can approach a bank and show them the vehicle you want to buy. They will provide you the money based on your credit history and financial situation. You must pay back the money in monthly installments plus interest that the bank will charge for its services.

Which one is better?

There is no short answer. Each business owner or a fleet operator has to analyze all pros and cons and conclude the optimal choice. This is because the monthly rent in a lease is usually not that high, and the ownership rests with the leasing authority. If you decide to sell your truck before the agreement ends, you can do so without any repercussions. In a loan, you have to pay the amount every month and keep the truck well-maintained by yourself.