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reefer salesAt Reefer Cars we pay special attention to insulation as a key step in the temperature-controlled vehicle conversion. Our innovative lightweight food grade insulation materials provide the highest quality and cooling performance even in high ambient temperatures. Depending on the requirements we offer different types and grades of insulation panel systems precisely cut by the CNC machine to provide perfect fit. Our insulations systems are also available as separate pre-cut kits for different models of vans and trucks. Our panels are seamless, lightweight and easy to install.

HVAC installation

As a part of the conversion process, we install various types and brands of HVAC equipment to meet your specific transportation needs. Depending on your operations we will offer suitable cooling or heating unit to provide maximum efficiency for your application. We always install high-capacity coolers to handle even the warmest climates in the United States and Canada. Reefer Cars provides extensive warranty on its HVAC installation services.

refrigerated vehiclesAftersales support & Maintenance

We realize how important it is for you to have your vehicle on the road all the time. To minimize down time we offer 24/7 aftersales support, maintenance programs and prompt delivery of spare parts. With a broad network of partners, we are able to quickly respond to the most urgent service requests. Our 24/7 dedicated technical support line provides immediate assistance by the qualified technician. With our maintenance programs you are able to plan your maintenance costs in advance and significantly lower the cost of ownership on a long run.

Telematics & Fleet Management

With our advanced telematics and connected fleet management system you are able to monitor and control your deliveries to ensure temperature and humidity compliance, security and safety. By monitoring the current location of your vehicles and cargo the dispatch can quickly respond to any situation and ensure delivery compliance. Driver behaviour monitoring option significantly increases driver safety and fuel efficiency of your operations. The system allows you to ensure compliance with the new ELD mandate.

Upfitting & Systems Integration  

To serve a wide range of industries Reefer Cars offers various custom upfitting options and systems integration solutions. We continue to respond to the constantly changing industry requirements by providing our customers with commercial vehicle solutions including cargo van, light-truck and trailer upfitting packages, storage solutions, safety and security equipment integration, etc.